Twitter Project

Agents and editors have continuously commented on the strong funny “voice” the main character, Liz Howe, has in the Nerdy Girls novels.  I say the voice is ‘sarcastic,’ my agent said ‘wise ass’ would be more accurate, but in any case, Liz’s voice seems to be the most popular aspect of the books. This voice took hold one day and has yet to leave. So, in an effort to let her out of her cage, I’ve given Liz an outlet outside of the novels. I created a Twitter account in her name Liz_NerdyGirls to express Liz inspired sentiments in 140 characters or less. Please follow Liz on Twitter and enjoy!


  1. Hi I am reading your book for a project. My friend Maria Garcia told me her mom knew the author of this book and she made it sound very interesting. For my book project I need to have some author information. I could not find anything yet. I could really use your help. Please email me. Thank you