(1st Book) Murderers

Murderers and Nerdy Girls Work Late

In the first book, Murderers and Nerdy Girls Work Late, Liz secures a plum spot as a summer associate at a large St. Louis law firm.  But she has a few small problems: the body in the stairwell; the embezzlement at her firm; and the fact that the man she wants is engaged to someone else.  And just how is she supposed to chase a murder suspect in heels?  Minor details.  Nothing a plucky girl from Wisconsin can’t handle.

Liz’s real problem is much bigger.  Neurological defects don’t tend to make you popular, and Liz has a doozy.  She can’t recognize faces.  Not even her own.   Fortunately, this is exactly the thing to turn an awkward nerdy girl into the likeliest of unlikely detectives.  Think Sherlock Holmes with a chick lit attitude.  Liz pays attention to all of the details that normal people miss.  Need someone to guess an occupation by the movement of the hands?  Need someone to recognize a person by smell?  Need someone to figure out that those shoes were bought on clearance at Macy’s last summer?  Liz is your detective.  She must use her wits to expose the embezzlement, bring the murderer to justice, get the guy, and survive her law school exams – not necessarily in that order.


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  1. Pattie Suttner

    July 27, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    I met you in Abbotsford at our author night in spring. Is your book available for me to purchase. I can’t wait!