The Genesis of the Nerdy Girl Phenomenon

I am an overworked attorney by day and an aspiring writer by night (and any other time I can find a spare minute).  I’ve written several books in a murder mystery series featuring a law student turned detective named Liz Howe. The first book is Murderers and Nerdy Girls Work Late.

I woke up one day about two years ago with Liz’s voice in my head, and I haven’t been able to get rid of her.  It’s like schizophrenia with a good prognosis.  So instead of seeking medical attention, I decided to write a novel.  However, I had no time.  Anyone who tries to work as a lawyer and a mother to small children will understand this point.  So I did what all creative people do, I faked it.  I constructed a story that used random knowledge I’d acquired over the years and much of my own experience.  All writing, no research.

Someone who starts out as a voice in your head tends to get her way eventually, so I couldn’t stop with just one novel.  Currently, I have four that are far enough along to have a title: Bombers and Nerdy Girls Do Brunch, Kidnappers and Nerdy Girls Tie the Knot, and Villains and Nerdy Girls Tangle with Deception.  Both Murderers and Bombers are complete and edited.  I am working to edit Kidnappers.  Villains and a fifth novel are in draft form, and I have almost completed the sixth.








  1. Can’t wait for the books to be available. They sound awesome!

  2. Lisa, Can’t wait to read this books. The series sounds fascinating. jean

  3. ¡Bien por ti Lisa! Estoy ansiosa por leer tus siguientes novelas. Una abrazo y adelante….

  4. Lorraine Gregoire

    October 29, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Read the first book & enjoyed it tremendously. Can’t wait for the second book.