The following is a short synopsis of the trilogy of books I have in the works. The first is now available. It’s been one hell of a ride so far!

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Hell Made Easy

A soul is a terrible thing to lose. Just ask Mephistopheles. When prominent lawyer Clyde Hamish’s soul goes missing, a minor accounting error turns into a major problem for the Great Satan. Brandon is a young Minion who can’t even succeed at evil. Desperate to recover his girlfriend and his soul, he turns to a guidebook for Minions called Hell Made Easy. Using its demonic rules for living, he seeks to find Clyde’s soul to thwart Mephistopheles and renegotiate their contract on more friendly terms. Clyde Hamish’s niece, Mary Alice, is a small town reporter with big time dreams. When Uncle Clyde leaves her a mysterious inheritance, she sets out to investigate the twisted story of Clyde’s past. As the forces of evil converge on a small Wisconsin town, it will take the combined efforts of Brandon, Mary Alice, a black cat with attitude, and a coalition of the damned to solve the mystery of Clyde’s slippery soul and defeat Mephistopheles at his own game.

Purgatory is a Bitch

Lies don’t pay. Brandon has told so many, he can’t make Mary Alice believe the truth – he loves her. If only he hadn’t met her when he was a Minion of the devil. Now free of demonic rules, Brandon vows to win her. Unfortunately, God needs him first. A Grim Reaper has disappeared, and a sassy angel named Beatrice taps Brandon to track him down before the other Reapers go on strike and upset the balance of the universe. In addition, Mephistopheles is resurgent, with a new look and new late night infomercials. Meanwhile, Mary Alice has nabbed the biggest scoop of her journalistic career, infiltrating a cult whose leader promises eternal life. When events throw them together, Brandon and Mary Alice must work with all of the forces of good, evil, and everything in between to set the world to rights. In doing so, can Mary Alice at last forgive Brandon’s lies and forget his devilish past?

Heaven is for Old People

Brandon finally has Mary Alice by his side, and all he wants is to live a normal life with her. Unfortunately, Mephistopheles sees Mary Alice as the perfect bargaining chip. Besides, she’s interfering with a satanic invasion of Florida’s premier senior living community. Brandon has the backing of God, but is he smart enough to outwit the Lord of Darkness in a divine game of chicken? It is not just his life that hangs in the balance. With the devil gathering white-haired walker-wielding followers by the thousands, the world teeters on the precipice of an elderly Armageddon.