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The idea for the Nerdy Girls – Naughty Bits came from a request for a little bit more sizzle at the end of Murderers and Nerdy Girls Work Late. Although this was a great idea, it didn’t fit with the more chaste tone of the actual book. I wrote the first date scene anyway (because who doesn’t want a little more sizzle), but shared it only with close friends. Then I put it away. Fortunately for me, I now have a number of Nerdy Girls fans and many of them are as interested in the romance of the Nerdy Girls books as they are in the mystery, and so I thought it would be fun to dig the scene back up as a gift to them. So, whether you have been naughty or nice this Christmas, here is the first installment of the Nerdy Girls – Naughty Bits for free on the site or as a Kindle download for $0.99.

Nerdy Girls Naughty Bits (First Date)

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